10-channel Analog Magnetic Stirrer MS-M-S10

10-channel Analog Magnetic Stirrer MS-M-S10


MS-M-S10 10-channel multi-position magnetic stirrer features a powerful rotary drive providing consistent sample conditions across each position for volumes up to 400 ml

Speed range of 0-1100rpm

    1. Maintenance-free brushless DC motor.
    2. Speed range of 0-1100rpm.
    3. Stainless steel work plate cover with silicone cushion, provide excellent performance of skid resistance.
  • Model MS-M-S10
    Dimension of work plate 180x450 mm
    Motor type Brushless DC Motor
    Voltage 100-120V/200-240V 50/60Hz, 515W
    Stirring speed 0~1100 rpm
    Stirring position 10
    Max. Stirring capacity 0.4L (each stirring position)
    Max. magnetic bar 40mm
    Plate material Stainless Steel with Silicone Film
    Dimensions (W×D×H) 182 x622x65 mm
    Weight 3.2 Kg
    Protection class IP42

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