AAS Spectrophotometer AA-1800E, 8-lamps, Flame-Graphite furnace

AAS Spectrophotometer AA-1800E, 8-lamps, Flame-Graphite furnace

AA-1800E atomic absorption spectrophotometer is now widely used in scientific research,quality control, disease control, environmental protection, metallurgy, agriculture,chemical industry .Hardware and software design of innovation to ensure the accuracy,safety, ease of use in the analysis of samples, equipment maintenance, simple and convenient.

 High precision automatic optical system

1800 / mm reticle (dispersion rate) large area grating monochromator, a new type self collimation, all lenses are quartz coating, the detection range and the stability of optical broad to ensure the precision of analysis. Automatic 8 socket configuration 8 independent lamp power supply, can be

respectively preheating


Polymer spray chamber

Polymer materials corrosion spray chamber, acid and alkali resistance, including hydrofluoric acid, either organic or inorganic solution can be the highest sensitivity and stability


Titanium burner

Titanium burner, the optional 50mm and 100mm burner, air cooling pre mixed type,corrosion resistant, resistant to high salt, greatly improve the analysis efficiency and accuracy of the flame


Automatic analysis

It can automatically accomplish safety ignition, extinction and switching, reliable structure,low fault rate, thus ensuring the sensitivity and reproducibility of the flame method.

The light source system six lamp automatic conversion, can be directly used high performance hollow cathode lamp, improve the sensitivity analysis of the flame, the automatic

adjustment of the power supply parameters and the beam

position, automatic wavelength scanning and searching peak


Software function

High intelligent software, powerful function, friendly interface English operation.Automatic instruments and additional control, flame, graphite furnace operating mode can be switched automatically, automatic optimization, automatic dilution; mouse operation, automatic setup menu data and correction method


Graphite furnace temperature control

Gas dual temperature control inside and outside, 20 order linear or nonlinear heating, to ensure that the measured

elements has the highest sensitivity; furnace enriched up to 20 times, the longitudinal optically monitoring the graphite tube wall temperature, maximum temperature to 3000 degrees centigrade.


High technology index

AA-1800 atomic absorption spectrophotometer elements test sensitivity meet international best level,sensitivity of less than or equal to0.015μg/mL/1%; baseline drift is less than 0.003Abs/30m, the stability is better than 0.005Abs/4h


Background correction system

Using deuterium hollow cathode lamp advanced and self absorption background deduction of background correction, to eliminate the interference of molecular absorption of low content determination, reducing the noise emission of

deuterium lamp and prolongs the service life, has excellent stability. Deuterium lamp background signalfor 1A,background correction ability > 50 times


Intelligent analysis

Great intelligence, humanized design, flame and graphite

furnace atomizer automatic switching, automatic optimization of graphite furnace atomizer, automatically set the flame height adjustment, automatic ignition, automatic optimization of the horizontal position, system automatically sets the gas flow. In the case of power failure, misoperation, acetylene leakage, the system will automatically start the safety protection function


Automatic sampler (optional)

Integrative design of graphite furnace, using high precision syringe, lowest in 0.5μl samples, with intelligent online dilution and concentration function.