Abbe Refractometer 2WAJ

Abbe Refractometer 2WAJ

Measurement of transparent and translucent liquids or solids and the average of the refractive index ND dispersion NF-NC. Equipment can also be received with thermostat, to determination of the temperature 0°C~70°C for the refractive index of ND, and measured the volume of sugar solution concentration in percentage of sugar content.

  • This instrument is the oil industry, oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, building paint industry, food industry, daily-use chemical industry, sugar industry and geological survey of the factory and so on, teaching and scientific research units indispensable one of the commonly used equipment. 

  • Model


    Refractive index ND measurement range


    Refractive index ND measurement accuracy


    Refractive index ND Min. division


    Glucose concentration (%) measurement range


    Glucose concentration (%) Min. division