Auto Chemistry Analyzer Chemray240

Auto Chemistry Analyzer Chemray240

Automatic, Random Access
Automatic 8 steps washing system, Low carry over
Labor saving, simple operation and real walk-away system
24 hours non-stop reagent cooling compartment
Pre-diluent function for sample.
Low consumption of the reagent
User-friendly software
Multi-language supported

    1. Powerful software, five worksheets, each one with 39 samples.
    2. 38 reagent positions, position of single and double reagent can be set randomly.
    3. Display and print results in different styles, including the storage of test results and info of patients.
    4. End point, two point and kinetic method, test with double-wavelength is supported.
    5. Calculation by calibration, factor and other method.
    6. 8 standard filters: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm, Other wavelengths are optional according to user’s requirement.
    7. The system will continuously detect and control during the operation, to avoid errors, Error message will be displayed when detected errors, provide instruction to the user to choose correct buttons and operations
  • System Function

    Throughput: Up to 160 tests per hour

    Contents of the testing: Clinical chemistry, Immunoturbidimetric

    Analytical modes: End-point, Two-point, Kinetic

    Programming: Open system with user defined programs

    Automatic Random Access

    STAT sample priority


    Sample Tray

    Sample position: 40 positions for samples

    Sample volume: 3- 100μL, 0.5μL adjustable

    Any position for standard and quality control setting


    Reagent Tray

    Reagent position: 40 positions in refrigerated compartment

    Refrigerated temperature: ≤16C

    Reagent volume

    R1:180~450μL, 1μL adjustable

    R2: 30-250μL, 1μL adjustable


    Reaction Tray

    Reaction positions: 81 cuvettes, 9 cuvettes/strip

    Reaction volume: 180- 500ul

    Reaction temperature: 37℃, fluctuation ±0. 2℃

    Independent mixing probe

    Cuvette washing (optional): Automatic 8 steps washing system



    Pre-heating for reagent

    Collision protection, Liquid level detection and Inventory checking

    Automatic inner and outer probe washing after every cycle, carry-over≤2%


    Measuring and Optic System

    Lamp: Halogen lamp

    Absorbance range: 0-3.500Abs±1%

    Wavelengths: 8 wavelengths from 320-850nm including 340nm,405nm,450nm,510nm,546nm,578nm,630nm,670nm

    Resolution: 0.0001ABS


    Working Condition

    Power supply: a.c. 110V/220V, 50Hz

    Temperature: 0~40°c

    Humidity: ≤80%

    Water consumption: Max 3 W/hour

    Dimensions: 810mm (L)*680mm (W)*1150mm (H)

    Gross weight: 145KG