Automatic Polarimeter SWP-3 (±89°, temp. control)

Automatic Polarimeter SWP-3 (±89°, temp. control)

SWP-3 automatic polarimeter adopts the LED as the light source

Touch-screen display operation

Measurement: ±89° (Optical rotation)

Temperature control 15°C~30°C

USB and RS232 interface

    1. LED as the light source to avoid frequent replacement of the sodium lamp. 
    2. Temperature control device in the Instrument has the functions of heating and cooling, so temperature controlled measurement to the optical rotation of a sample can be achieved with a temperature controlled test tube.
    3. Large touch-screen LCD display of the Instrument provides a HMI with menu operation mode, simple and visual, stable and reliable.
  • Measuring modes Optical rotation, Specific rotation, Concentration, Sugar degree
    Light source  LED (Red)  
    Operating wavelength 589.44nm (D-line in the spectrum of Na)  
    Range of measurement ±89° (Optical rotation)  
    Min. reading 0.001° (Optical rotation)
    Indication error ±0.01° (-15°≤Optical rotation≤+15°) 
    ±0.02° (Optical rotation-15°or Optical rotation+15°)
    Repeatability (Standard deviation, s) 0.002° (Optical rotation)  
    Temperature control range  15°C~30°C
    Precision of temperature control ±0.5°C
    Test tube 200mm, 100mm for the ordinary type, and 100mm for the temperature controlled type
    Output communication interface USB1.1 and RS232 serial interface, selected through the menu on the screen
    Power supply:  220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, 250W
    Overall dimension 720mm×350mm×270mm
    Net weight 28Kg
    Instrument level (Accuracy class) 0.02

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