Benchtop Incubator Shaker TOS20

Benchtop Incubator Shaker TOS20

TOS20 orbital Incubator shaker is used for mixing of biological liquids as well as for incubation and cultivation of biological liquids according to the operator set program.

7 types interchangeable platforms allow it mix and culture samples in flask, petri dish, tubes, Elisa plates, and etc.

Built–in microprocessor thermo controller provides constant temperature control in the incubator chamber.

  • 1. Instantly display operation information(time, temperature and speed) on the LCD screen.

    2. Gentle and reliable shaking with direct brushless DC motor.

    3. Running safely –-heating and shaking will be automatically stopped once the lid is open.

    4. Seven interchangeable platforms can be chosen for variety demands.

    5. Auto restart in case of power failure.

    6. Over-heating protection device is included. 

    7.  Built-in temperature calibration function.

    8. Compact, only 421mmx320mm(DXW)

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