Blue Light Transilluminator BV200

Blue Light Transilluminator BV200

BV200 LED-Transilluminator uses a super high intensity LED light plate which can illuminate a range of dyes including GelRed, GelGreen, SYBRSafe, EtBr and the new UltraPower DNA safe dye. It provides a uniform and bright excitation across gels up to 13 x 17cm

The unit is utter compact and extra-thin and has an LED plate which illuminates samples from the bottom up, causing LED trans-illumination.  A built-in filter/lid provides the optimum viewing conditions and is ideal for band cutting

  1. Compact, extra-thin and portable.
  2. Safer to replace UV.
  3. Easy for gel cutting: NO need to wear amber glasses.
  4. NO DNA damage inherent to UV.
  5. Uniform blue LED trans-illumination, low noise.
  6. Optimized for use with diverse safe dyes to replace toxic EtBr.
  7. Angle adjustable filter/lid can be tilted optionally with one hand, easy for observing and cutting gels.


In comparison with UV trans-illuminator:

  1. LED Blue light source, Does not cause burn to your skin and eyes.
  2. Uniform trans-illumination module,symmetrical observation of samples.
  3. Imported LED with long life and high energy conservation.