Centrifuge LC-05S, 6500rpm

Centrifuge LC-05S, 6500rpm

Electronic door lock control, with emergency unlock device, easy to operate

Imbalanced protection, self locking, overspeed protection

10 groups of ACC and DEC rate to choose

6500rpm, 8×15ml angle rotor


    1. Mental case,smooth running,low noise ,running speed with high accuracy.
    2. Microcomputer control, brushless motor variable frequency. 
    3. Electronic door lock control,with emergency unlock device,easy to operate.
    4. 10 groups of ACC and DEC rate to choose.
    5. Ten groups of programs with memory function,speed ,RCF,time,speed up and down.
    6. Logo display when turn on the power, programs can be programmed according to user parameters.
    7. Push button control,modified the parameters at any time of running.
    8. Imbalanced protection, self locking, overspeed protection, speed no signal protection, motor Holzer fault protection, high or low power supply voltage protection, over-current protection.
    9. Fault automatic diagnosis and recognition, programmable operation, automatic storage of data.
    10. Suit for the qualitative analysis of serum, plasma and urea in the medical, blood station, clinical laboratory and biochemistry laboratory, and widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, gene engineering, immunology and other fields.
  • Max. speed 6500r/min
    Max. RCF 6139×g
    Capacity 8×15ml
    Time range 0-99 min
    Power source 220V/ 50Hz
    Power supply 250W
    Dimension 330*400*310( L*W*H )mm
    Net weight 20Kg
    Noise <70dB

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