Colony Counter J-3

Colony Counter J-3


This J-3 Colony Counter is a semi-automatic digital displayer for counting the germs, which consists of counter, sensor, counting cell etc. The counter is made of CMOS integrated electric. In the black longitudinal background counting cell, a high performance flex LED strip is used for side lighting, which can give a clear colony comparing.

    1. Compact structure makes it less space occupation. Adapted for various environment.
    2. The LED light can be adjusted to make an ideal perspective for the operator.
    3. It will beeps while counting, which can avoid wrong counting.
    4. Unique Up-light source makes it convenient to count bacteria that is hard to observe.
    5. Specified designed counting pen to ensure no omit of the cells.
    6. Wide-range voltage design. Avoid the interference to the equipment  by instable voltage.
  • Lighting Matrix LED (White light)
    Digital display 3 digits or 4 digits (optional)
    Capacity of the Counter 0~999 or 0~9999 (optional)
    Petri dish 50~150mm
    Total power consumption 40W
    Magnification 3 times (9 times)
    Voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Dimension 360×300×180 mm
    Weight 4kg

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