Colony Counter J-2S

Colony Counter J-2S


J-2S Colony Counter is a new upgraded digital displayer to count all the culture media (petri dishes filters) used in the microbiology, you can use any felt-tip marker to press and count.

    1. J-2S is a high -tech colony counter, known for its user-friendly functions and excellent ergonomics. It can accurately count all the culture media (culture dishes, filters) used in microbiology.
    2. Place the petri dish on the pressure sensitive glass surface, and you can use any felt-tip marker to press and count , and there will be a pleasant beep when counting, and the accumulated data will be displayed on the LED screen immediately. The touch sensitivity of the pressure sensor can be adjusted to adapt to different culture vessels and user habits. With the function of manually increasing or decreasing the counting button, the repeated counting or missing counting can be corrected during operation.
    3. The internal LED lighting system is glare-free and the luminosity is adjustable, which makes the colony form a sharp contrast view to adapt to the difficult-to-observe microorganisms in the culture container. The grid size is moderate , which is convenient for accurate counting by blocks .
    4. The large frameless magnifying glass ( which can achieve magnification of 3 times or 9 times of observation and counting ) and the unique upper light source compensation illumination make the microbial appear completely, and the counting operation to be much easier
  • Model



    White LED array

    Digital display

    3-digit LED display


    3 times / 9 times

    Counting range


    Counting method

    Pressure sensitive

    Applicable petri dish

    Ф50 Ф55 Ф60 Ф70 Ф90

    Input power


    Input voltage ( Frequency )

    AC 1 00-240V ( 50 / 60Hz )

    Magnification Protection


    Allowable relative humidity


    Allowable ambient temperature




    Loupe Size:

    Ф90mm / Ф20mm

    Net weight


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