LCD Magnetic Stirrer MS6-Pro

LCD Magnetic Stirrer MS6-Pro


Speed range of 200-1500 rpm
Max. stirring quantity of H2O at 5L

Work plate Dimension 140x140mm

Aluminum cover with ceramic work plate, allows for immediate heat transfer

    1. High resolution LCD displays actual speed.
    2. Brushless DC motor is maintenance free.
    3. Aluminum cover with ceramic work plate.
    4. Digital peed control with max. speed up to 1500rpm.
    5. Max. stirring quantity of H2O at 5L.
  • Specifications MS6-Pro
    Work plate Dimension 140x140mm
    Work plate material Aluminum cover with ceramic coating
    Motor type Brushless DC motor
    Motor rating input 2.4W
    Motor rating output 1.8W
    Power 10W
    Voltage 100-120/200-240V 50/60Hz
    Stirring positions 1
    Max. stirring quantity[H2O] 5L
    Max. magnetic bar[length] 50mm
    Speed range 200-1500rpm
    Speed display LCD
    Control accuracy of sensor ±20rpm
    Protection class IP21
    Dimension [W x D x H] 320x180×108mm
    Weight 2.2kg
    Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C 80%RH

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