Disintegration Tester BJ-4

Disintegration Tester BJ-4

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BJ-4 disintegration tester, 24 tubes in 4 basket assemblies, used to automatically control the temperature, time and frequency of nacelle back and forth, preset and real time data can be displayed alternately in time.

    1. Double-basket working position system measures disintegration time limit.
    2. 4 sets of baskets, which can conduct two-channel with 2 baskets of each channel for disintegration experiment.
    3. High-precision digital electronic sensor is adopted to ensure the high precision and high accuracy of water bath temperature without the need for calibration.
    4. The instrument controls the bath temperature at 37.0oC automatically (prescribed by Pharmacopeia). It can also reset the preset temperature again at any time.
    5. The instrument sets the lifting time of baskets to be 15min automatically, which can also be reset at any time.
    6. It adopts the computer control technology which is centered on SCM to control two performance parameters including bath temperature and working time intelligently.
    7. The instrument can monitor bath temperature, over-temperature alarm.
  • Basket assembly 4
    Nacelle back and forth frequency 30 - 31 /min
    Nacelle back and forth range 55±1 mm
    Time range 1 ~900 mins
    Time control accuracy ±0.5 min
    Temperature Range Rt. ~ 50.0 °C
    Temperature control accuracy  ±0.3 °C
    Power 220V/ 50Hz/ 600W or 110V/ 60Hz/ 600W
    Mesh size standard configuration 2mm, (optional for 0.425mm and 1mm bore diameters)

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