Dissolution Tester RC-808

Dissolution Tester RC-808

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Touch-screen Display, built-in printer

Equipped with solvent temperature monitoring system

Equipped with independent multi-channel, automatic dosing system

The mixing speed can be monitored in real time

Can configure LAN, WiFi, bluetooth, RS232, RS485 and other interfaces

Can be configured to run online with the sampler (optional)

upgraded with 16-position type

    1. In full compliance with the Chinese pharmacopoeia.
    2. It is completely consistent with the evaluation requirements of generic drug quality and efficacy.
    3. Automatic constant - height clutch (interchangeable).
    4. Omni-directional adjustment of the vessel holder.
    5. Motorized lift drive to raise and lower the head.
    6. Brushless dc water pump, low noise, long life.
    7. PTC heater, water flow sensor, temperature switch, triple protection.
    8. Germany imported 1/3b class high precision Pt1000 temperature sensor, fast response speed, high precision.
    9. Equipped with solvent temperature monitoring system, it can monitor 6 vessels /12 vessels solvent temperature.
    10. Equipped with electric, independent multi-channel, automatic dosing system can achieve synchronous dosing or serial dosing, and also, can choose whether to suspend stirring in the procedure of serial dosing, two-zone stirring will not affect each other.
    11. The mixing speed can be monitored in real time.
    12. The method of multiple dosing can avoid the loss of small tablet dosing and the requirement of granule dosing.
    13. White light, red light, three - speed PWM dimming system, the lighting is not biased color, meet the requirements of light - proof sample.
    14. Redundant wiring design, to ensure that the plug - in solid and reliable.
    15. CANBus communication bus, safe and reliable.
    16. Electric automatic single column sampling frame lifting system, covering all test methods, real-time monitoring of solvent temperature can be selected.
    17. Permission management system.
    18. Audit tracking.
    19. RC-1608 has a double-zone and double-controlled circulation system, which can be set at different temperatures and has better uniformity.
    20. RC-1608 has double zone and double control mixing system, which can set different mixing speed and better uniformity.
    21. Equipped with built-in micro printer.
    22. Taiwan shangyin bamboo joint lifting column, with double cone positioning, low noise, accurate positioning.
    23. Equipped with capacitance fingerprint identification system, the identification speed is fast, high accuracy.
    24. Can configure LAN, WiFi, bluetooth, RS232, RS485 and other interfaces.
    25. Can be configured to run online with the sampler.
  • Number of devices: 8 vessels (RC-808)/ 12 vessels (RC-1608).

    Extra vessels for media refilling and reference standard media: 0 vessel (RC-808) / 4 vessels (RC-1608).

    Applicable method: basket method, paddle method, small vessel method, dish method (big, small dish), drum method (long, short drum).


    Mixing System:

    Controlling Area: RC-1608 is with two motors, each motor is for 6 vessels (No.3 ~ No.8 and No.9 ~ No.14), can be controlled respectively. (Vessles No. 1, 2, 15, 16 are for refilling standard media)

    Speed Range: 25 ~250 rpm

    Direction: clockwise, counterclockwise.

    Resolution: 0.1 rpm

    Accuracy: ±4%

    Speed detection: single channel/double channel

    Pendulum momentum: ≤1mm


    Circulation System:

    Controlling Area: Same as mixing system.

    Range: room temperature ~ 45℃.

    Resolution: 0.01℃.

    Precision: 37℃±0.5℃.

    Solvent temperature monitoring: 6~12 vessels.


    Dosing System:

    Dosing power: electric, automatic; Independent 6 ~ 12 channels.

    Dosage: turn down the plate.

    Dosing mode: synchronous dosing, serial dosing.

    Stirring can be suspended in the procedure of Sequential dosing.

    Granule dosing in batches is available.

    Lighting system: white light, red light, three PWM dimming lighting.


    Sampling System (OPTIONAL):

    Syringe: 26ml

    Accuracy: RSD±1%@10ml

    Sampling Channel Quantity: 6~12 channels

    Sampling Interval time: interval 1min at least

    Sampling Time: 16 times

    Sampling Volume (one time): 1ml~105ml

    Tube Volume: 15ml


    Lifting system: single bamboo column lifting + double cone positioning.

    Authority management: three levels, seven users.

    Audit trail: 128 x 366 days.

    Login: user name + password, fingerprint.

    Online printing: supported.

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