DNA Electrophoresis Cell DYCP–31DN

DNA Electrophoresis Cell DYCP–31DN

Applicable to the identification, separation, preparation of DNA, and measure its molecular weight.

    1. Made of high quality Polycarbonate, exquisite and durable.
    2. It is transparent, convenient for observation.
    3. With drawable electrode, convenient for maintanence.
    4. Easy to use.
    5. Special gel casting device for easy and fast gel casting operation.
    6. Black band on the gel tray make it convenient to load the samples
    7. and observe the gel.
    8. Save buffer solution.
    9. Power fails when you open the lid for users’ safe.
    10. High resolution of simple separation.
    11. One gel casting device can cast different size of gel.
    12. Special comb design, one comb has two different teeth.
    13. Recommended electrophoresis power supply DYY–6C, DYY-10C, DYY–12.
  • Model


    Gel dimension



    2+3 (2.0mm),6+13, 8+18 (1.5mm),11+25
    (1.0mm) samples

    Comb Thickness

    1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 (mm)

    Buffer Volume


    Size (L×W×H)

    310×150×120 mm


    1 kg