DNA Electrophoresis Cell DYCP–32C

DNA Electrophoresis Cell DYCP–32C

This product can be used for agarose electrophoresis, for biochemical analysis study on isolation, purification or preparation of charged particles. The product suits for identifying, separating and preparing DNA and for measuring the molecular weight.

    1. The biggest advantage of product is that testing sample quantity, especially suitable for large sample amount of conventional PCR detection.
    2. Combs with 51 teeth is suitable for 8 or 12 channel pipettor.
    3. Transparent Cover Design, easy for observation, power automatically cut when the cover is opened.
    4. Cell material is polycarbonate,solid and durable.
    5. Patented Gel blocking plate design which brings convenience for gel making.
    6. Recommended electrophoresis power supply DYY–6C, DYY–10C.
  • Model


    Gel dimension

    250X250(mm), 120X250(mm), 60x250(mm)


    51,42 or 26 samples

    Comb Thickness

    1.0 and 2.0 mm

    Max. Input Voltage


    Size (L×W×H)

    420x300x90 mm

    Number of Partition Plates

    3 pcs

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