Protein Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–24EN

Protein Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–24EN

This system is very safe for the users. Its power source will be turned off when user opens the lid. The special lid design avoids making mistakes.

Applied for SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE electrophoresis and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis.

    1. Different combs and spacers are available.
    2. Transparent tank for visibility without obstructions.
    3. Casting and running the gel at the same place (in the casting stand);
    4. Gel casting device makes gel casting simply and save your precious time.
    5. Special wedge frame design can fix gel room firmly.
    6. Molded buffer tank equipted the electrodes with pure platinum.
    7. Run one gel or run two gels at the same time.
    8. Save buffer solution.
    9. Special design of the lid avoids mistakes during the operation.
    10. The base of the gel casting device can store one piece of rubber cushion.
    11. Built-in heat exchanger can eliminate the heat produced during the running.
    12. Power fails when you open the lid for users’ safe.
    13. High resolution separation with simple operation.
    14. Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY–6C, DYY–12.

  • Model


    Gel dimension

    130×100 mm


    12 or 16 samples

    Comb Thickness

    1.0 and 1.5 mm

    Buffer Volume

    1200 ml

    Size (L×W×H)

    190×120×170 mm


    2 kg

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