Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-12C

Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-12C

DYY–12C is suitable for DNA, RNA, Protein, Agarose, DNA sequencing, Isoelectric focusing, Western blotting, semi-dry blotting, 2-dimensional electrophoresis.

  • DYY–12C handle all electrophoresis applications accurately and easily.

    DYY–12C is highly sophisticated in design, yet is very simple and easy to use, compact and lightweight for easy movement and the stackable cabinet design can save on valuable bench space.

    It is wholly controlled by micro-computer, LCD display.

    High-power ON/OFF switch is the output core of DYY-12C, high output power, high capability of load, high precision of the control and the high stability of the function.

    The state of constant voltage, constant electric current and constant power operating modes can be converted into one another to ensure the safety.

    It has the protection functions of over voltage, short circuit, overload, sudden load change, unloaded, leaks electricity, etc.

    It has the function of memory for convenient use and programming with a minimum of time and effort.

    Program: up to 9 different programs, each with 9 steps.

    Output terminals: 2 pairs in parallel.

  • Power requirement: A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz ±2% )

    Input power: about 400 VA

    Output voltage: (20-5000)V (Increase or decrease:2V/step)

    Output current: (2-200) mA (Increase or decrease:1mA/step)

    Output power: (5-200) W (Increase or decrease:1W/step)

    Stability: constant voltage ≤1%; constant current≤2%; constant power ≤3%

    Adjustment rate:constant voltage ≤2%; constant current ≤3%; constant power≤5%
    Size(W x D x H): 303 x 364 x 137 (mm)

    Weight: about 7.5 kg