Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-7C

Electrophoresis Power Supply DYY-7C

DYY–7C is suitable for trans-blotting electrophoresis.

    1. DYY-7C has the following strong points:small, light, high output-power, stable functions.
    2. The LCD can show you the following info.at the same time: voltage, electric current, pre-assigned time, etc.
    3. It has the warning function of timing.
    4. It has the function of storing the operation parameters of last time.
    5. It can work in the constant state of voltage, or in the constant state of electric current, and it can be converted automatically according to the pre-assigned parameters for different needs.
    6. It has the protection function when it is under the circumstances of the unloaded, overload, suddenload change and when it is beyond the limitation.
    7. Parameters can be adjusted finely during the running.
    8. Output terminals: 4 pairs in parallel.
  • Power requirement:A.C. 220V±10% (50Hz ±2% )

    Output voltage: (2-300)V (Increase or decrease:1V/step)

    Output current: (5-2000) mA (Increase or decrease:2mA/step)

    Rated output power: 300 W

    Stability: constant voltage ≤1%; constant current ≤2%

    Adjustment rate:constant voltage ≤2%; constant current ≤3%

    Size(W x D x H): 315 x 290 x 128 (mm)

    Weight: about 5.0 kg

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