High Speed Centrifuge H1750

High Speed Centrifuge H1750

Tabletop High speed centrifuge

Low Noise and streamlined appearance

13 kinds of Aluminum alloy Rotors to choose

Max. Speed 17500r/min, Max. Capacity 4×100ml

    1. 7 inch high definition touch screen control , simple operation, intuitive Display.
    2. The automatic Rotor identification for avoiding over speed.
    3.  The Rotor 12*1.5ml Angle Rotor can reach to 17500rpm, and 4*100ml Swing Rotor With many Adapters to choose.
    4. 9 Acc profiles and 10 Dec profiles, it can prevent the second suspension effectively, and make the RCF to achieve better.
    5. Low Noise, it can almost close to the the mute at the Max speed.
    6. User can set many programs, and can make a simple description of each program, more convenient to use when select.
    7. The protective functions of over-speed, over-temperature, Motor overheating, Automatic Lid Lock, Stainless steel inner sleeve for safe operation.

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