High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge H1850R

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge H1850R

LCD display, Max. Speed 18500 rpm, Max. Capacity 4×100ml

9 Acc profiles and 10 Dec profiles(NO0 is free to stop), 3 levels damping, centrifugal effect is best

Programble,store 25 usual programs

11 kinds of rotors are available for H1850R

    1. Microprocessor control, AC brushless motor, without carbon dust pollution and service life is long.
    2. LCD display,user can set speed ,speed-gear and time freely.
    3. 9 Acc profiles and 10 Dec profiles(NO.0 is free to stop), 3 levels damping,centrifugal effect is best .
    4. The protective functions of electronic door interlock, imbalance, overtemperature and overspeed for safe operation.
    5. The automatic rotor identification system for avoiding over speed.
    6. The environmental refrigerant can keep the temperature below −5 at max. speed.
    7. Programble, store 25 usual programs.

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