Multi Block Thermal Cycler T30

Multi Block Thermal Cycler T30

T30, 3 blocks 32 wells 0.2 ml PCR tube

T30D, 3 blocks 2*16 wells 0.2 ml PCR tube

Individual blocks allowing simultaneous operation of different protocols
Latest peltier technology, maximum ramp rate 7°C/s 
10" TFT touch screen, freely adjustable, wide viewing angles
Easily interchangeable sample blocks without need for tools

    1. Easily Interchange the TalentGene series without tools.
    2. New generation peltier technology, allow 1,000,000 cycles.
    3. 10” Full Color Touch Screen with adjustable angle, graphically protocols run edit  and running status.
    4. Communications with 2 USB and  LAN.
  • Model

    T30 (3 blocks 32 wells) / T30D (3 blocks 2*16 wells)

    Sample Block

    3 blocks 32 wells 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip with flat  dome cap

    3 blocks 2*16 wells 0.2 ml PCR tube, strip with flat & dome cap

    Heating&Cooling Technology

    New generation Peltier technology allow 1,000,000 cycles


    10”Full Color Touch Screen with adjustable angle, and real-time graphical display



    USB flash drive Function

    Unlimited storage of protocols with USB flash drive;Back up user’s data

    Communication Ports

    USB 2.0& LAN



    Block Temperature Range


    Max. Heating Rate


    Max. Cooling Rate


    Temperature Uniformity

    ≤±0.2°C (at 90°C)

    Temperature Accuracy

    ≤±0.2 °C(at 90°C)

    Display Resolution


    Ramping Rate Adjustable


    Mode of Temperature Control

    Sim-tube & Block



    Gradient Accuracy ≤±0.1°C (at 90°C)
    Column Uniformity ≤±0.2°C (at 90°C)

    Gradient Range


    Temp. Differential Range


    Gradient Capability

    Each individual block has 8 gradient temperatures


    Heat Lid

    Lid Temperature Range 30°C~112°C
    Open Method Innovative TOP-OPEN technology,  with excess even pressure of heat lid
    Auto Shut-Off Yes,lid will shut off automatically when the block temperature below set temperature



    Max. number of programs Max. 15,000 programs onboard, unlimited storage of protocols with USB flash drive
    Max. Step 30 Steps, multiple nesting cycle available
    Max. Cycle 100 Typical Cycles  (multiple nesting allows 10,000 cycles)
    Time Increment/Decrement 1~120 sec, available for Long PCR
    Temperature Increment/Decrement 0.1~9.9°C, available for Touchdown PCR
    Auto Pause / Auto Restart Yes
    Multi-user log in Password-based authentication protect personal PCR protocols
    Hold at 4°C Yes,a below ambient temerature incubation allow PCR results storage overnight
    Running Report Yes, provide full review after protocol running
    PC Connection Yes
    Power Global switching power supply:  100~240V, 50~60Hz  Max. 900W
    Dimension (L×W×H) 375×270×277mm
    Net Weight 13kg

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