Multi-channel Analog Magnetic Stirrer AMM Sries

Multi-channel Analog Magnetic Stirrer AMM Sries

AMM series 6 / 9 / 12-channel magnetic stirrer features a powerful rotary drive
Each position for volumes up to 400 ml
Speed range: 0~1500 rpm
    1. Multi position stirring, effective and powerful.
    2. Every position can be controlled and operated on its own.
    3. Maximum stirring value: 400ml.
    4. Distance between positions: 90mm.
    5. Speed range: 0~1500 rpm.
  • Model AMM-6 AMM-9 AMM-12
    Stirrer Position 6 9 12
    Heating No No No
    Dimension(mm) 278*55*298 278*55*388 278*55*478


    1. Place stirrer on a safe, flat and stable location, then connect it to a power supply.

    2. Put the stir bar in the container filled with solution and places it in the center of the position.

    3. Turn on the power switch.

    4. Push on the number of the position.

    5. Adjust temperature controller to set the temperature. (Just for model AMM-6T/9T/12T)

    6. Clockwise, slowly adjust the “SPEED” knot to achieve the desired stirring speed.