Portable Spectrophotometer NS810

Portable Spectrophotometer NS810

NS810 portable spectrophotometer uses d/8 structure and comply with CIE No.15, GB/T 3978. With 400~700nm, NS810 features with high accuracy DeltaE*ab 0.04, and 8mm aperture makes measurement so easy. It can save 1000 Standards, 15000 Samples.

1. Display complete reflectance rate and input LAB value manually.

2. NS810:D/8 structure (diffuse illumination, 8° viewing )

3. 3.5 inch large capacitive touch screen, fully functional touch control.

4. 2º/10º degree observe, multiple lights, many color systems.

5. The repeatability ΔE*ab is within 0.04, errors is less than 0.2

6. Large capacity storage, more than 15000 data.

7. PC software with powerful extension functions.

8. 15° oblique angle screen, in line with the human eye observation.

9. Oversized integrating sphere, more effective homogenization ray of lights.

10. High hardware configuration with a number of innovative technologies.