High Capacity Electronic Balance 0.1g

High Capacity Electronic Balance 0.1g

High capacity 6-30kg, 0.1g precision
Build-in rechargeable battery

Stabilization time 1.5 seconds

Stainless large pan as large as 340×240 mm

    1. High precision loadcell.
    2. Matting plastic housing.
    3. Big size stainless steel pan.
    4. High contrast easy to read LED display.
    5. Built-in rechargeable battery.
    6. Height adjustable feet.
    7. Full capacity substraction.
    8. Stabilization time 1.5 seconds.
    9. Overload protection.
    10. Below balance weighing facility.
    11. Checking weighing, piece counting function.
    12. RS232 Interface (optional).
  • Model YP6KD YP10KD YP15KD YP20KD YP30KD
    Capacity 0-6Kg 0-10Kg 0-15Kg 0-20Kg 0-30Kg
    Readability 0.1g
    Repeatability ±0.2g
    Linearity ±0.2g
    Pan size 340*240mm
    Dimension(L*W*H) 390*375*130 mm
    Net weight 4.5 Kg

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