Precision Balance YP-D Series 1mg

Precision Balance YP-D Series 1mg

High precision load cell

Rugged Plastic Housing

Diameter 90mm Stainless Steel Platter

High contrast easy to read LCD display

Built-in rechargeable battery

    1. High precision loadcell.
    2. Rugged Plastic Housing.
    3. Diameter 90mm Stainless Steel Platter.
    4. High contrast easy to read LCD display.
    5. Built-in rechargeable battery.
    6. Height adjustable feet.
    7. Full capacity substraction.
    8. Stabilization time 2-3 seconds.
    9. Overload Protection.
    10. Below Balance Weighing Facility.
    11. Checking Weighing, piece counting function.
    12. Bubble level.
  • Model YP1003D YP2003D YP3003D
    Capacity 20mg-100g 20mg-200g 20mg-300g
    Readability 0.001g
    Repeatability ±0.02g
    Linearity ±0.03g
    Pan size 90mm
    Class II
    Work Temp. 15°C-40°C
    Work Humidity Humidity range: 50-75%
    Unit g/kg/ct/T/TAR/dr/PKT/GN/TMR/gsm/tlJ/mo/dwt/oz/lb/tlT/ozt/tlH/%
    Dimension 280x220x140 mm
    Windshield Dimension 174*135*84mm
    Net Weight 1.1Kg
    Output AC110-240V
    Standard Appendix Adapter,  M1 weight,  Manual

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