Protein Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–24F

Protein Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–24F

Applied for For SDS-PAGE, Native PAGE, and second dimension of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, etc.

    1. Special wedge frame design can fix gel rooms firmly.
    2. Molded buffer tank equipted the electrodes with pure platinum.
    3. Gel casting device (1.0,1.5 mm) make it convenient to cast the gel.
    4. Built-in heat exchanger can eliminate the heat produced during the running.
    5. Run one gel or run two gels at the same time.
    6. Special lid design avoids mistakes during the operation.
    7. Power fails when you open the lid for user’s safe.
    8. High resolution separation with simple operation.
    9. Remmonded electrophoresis power supply DYY–10C, DYY–12.
  • Model


    Gel dimension

    200×175 mm


    16 or 21 samples

    Comb Thickness

    16 well × 1.0mm, 167 μl volume;

    16 well × 1.5mm, 251 μl volume;

    21 well × 1.0mm, 132 μl volume;

    16 well × 1.5mm, 198 μl volume;

    (Four kinds of combs for you to choose)

    Buffer Volume

    about 3500ml

    Size (L×W×H)

    300×160×300 mm


    4 kg