Protein Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–25D

Protein Electrophoresis Cell DYCZ–25D

Applied for For SDS-PAGE, Protein Electrophoresis..

    1. Install rubber chamber in the electrophoresis apparatus main body directly, glue and running glue in the same place.
    2. Can be placed different specifications of the gel on the electrophoresis apparatus main body.
    3. Simple operation requirements and clamping installation design,
    4. high-end product simplification.
    5. Casting mold with high strength PC material,which is solid durability.
    6. Thermal design.
    7. Recommended electrophoresis power supply DYY–6C, DYY-10C, DYY–12.
  • Model


    Gel dimension

    83×73 (mm); 83×95 (mm)


    10 or 15 samples

    Comb Thickness

    10 well × 1.0mm, 167 μl volume;

    10 well × 1.5mm, 251 μl volume;

    15 well × 1.0mm, 132 μl volume;

    15 well × 1.5mm, 198 μl volume;

    (Four kinds of combs for you to choose)

    Buffer Volume

    about 1350ml

    Size (L×W×H)

    175×163×165 mm


    1 kg