Real-Time PCR System Q1000

Real-Time PCR System Q1000

Q1000 is a professional and smart Real-Time PCR System.

It uses advanced top excitation and top detection technology, thus, white PCR tubes can be used to enhance the sensitivity and consistency of fluorescence detection, therefore, better experimental results can be achieved. The optical part does not have any moving parts, so completely free from the instability and longevity problems. 

    1. The Real-Time PCR System consists of a fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument and a computer software.
    2. The change of the amount of amplified product in the PCR reaction is detected in real time according to the change of the fluorescence signal.
    3. The fluorescence data is collected by the quantitative PCR instrument and then  transferred to the connected computer.
    4. The data is analyzed by qPCR Design & Analysis Software to determine the amount of the starting template.
  • Model Q1000
    Block Sample Capacity 48-well * 0.1ml
    Reaction Volume 10~50ul
    Tubes Option Low-profile white or clear 0.1ml PCR tube/eight strip tubes with optical flat cap
    Heating and Cooling Technology The newest generation of Peltier technology for more than  one million thermal cycles
    Control Methods Operate via PC remote contro; or the touch screen on instrument with limited function
    Language English
    Communications USB 2.0 and LAN, export data via USB flash drive 
    Display 7'' Color TFT Touch Screen
    Block Temperature Range 0°C~105°C
    Max. Heating Rate 7°C/s
    Max. Cooling Rate 6°C/s
    Temperature Uniformity ≤±0.2°C (at 90°C)
    Temperature Accuracy ≤±0.2C (at 90°C)
    Display Resolution 0.1°C
    Ramping Rate Adjustable Yes
    Mode of Temperature Control Sim-tube & Block
    Optical Module
    Excitation Long life LED   
    Detection High sensitivity photoelectric detector
    Calibrated Dyes at Installation Channel 1FAMSYBR,   Channel 2VICHEXJOE
    Fluorescence Excitation Range 470~500nm
    Fluorescence Detection Range Channel 1520~540nm,  Channel 2540~700nm
    Data Export Formats Excel, TXT
    Operating Systems Windows7, Windows8, Windows10
    CPU Speed 2.0 GHz
    Display Resolution 1366×768
    Memory 2.00 GB RAM
    Available Hard Disk  20 GB
    Other Features
    Power Global switch power supply:  85V~265V, 50~60Hz
    Consumption 400W
    Net Weight 8.2kg
    Dimensions (w x d x h) 205×250×320mm

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