Semi-Dry Transfer Cell VE-386

Semi-Dry Transfer Cell VE-386

VE-386 Semi-Dry Transfer Cell allows fast, efficient, and economical blotting for nucleic acid or protein. The Max electrode dimension can transfer protein gel of 25×18 cm.

VE-386 Semi-Dry Transfer Cell using a platinum-coated titanium plate as the anode and a stainless-steel plate as the cathode for horizontally transfer without gel cassettes or buffer tank. It’s a quite simply and the easiest-to-use system.

    1. Body is molded with polycarbonate.
    2. Faster and more efficient transfers within 15-60 minutes.
    3. Capacity to transfer multiple gels.
    4. Agarose gel of DNA and RNA can be simplify blotted with support frame.
    5. Minimal buffer requirements.
    6. Simple, speedy and safety setup with single-step locking system.
    7. The consistent and reliable transfer results can be supported by plate electrodes.
    8. Safety interlock lids prevent an electrical connection from being made until the lid is properly in place.
  • Overall dimensions 37x24x12 cm
    Anode Platinum-coated titanium
    Cathode Stainless steel
    Maximum gel size 25 cm x 18.5 cm
    Buffer requirements 200 ml
    Gel capacity ≤18.5 x 20 cm gel sandwiches; 4 8.3 x 7.3 cm gels side by side
    Recommended power supply EPS-200 (200V, 2000mA)

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