Suppository Thawing Tester RB-3T

Suppository Thawing Tester RB-3T

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RB-3T thawing time limit tester is used to inspect the condition of thawing, softening or dissolution of solid preparations such as suppositories or vaginal tablets under the prescribed conditions. It’s a mechatronic product which is designed and produced in accordance with the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (Edition 2015) on “suppository thawing time limit inspection methods”.

    1. Three-beaker, three-path, three-path synchronization, automatic overturn.
    2. Double-functional head which can lift and descend electrically and turn over manually
    3. Transparent sleeve, stainless steel net racks
    4. Imported stainless steel is adopted for net racks.
    5. Automatic temperature control, high temperature control precision
    6. Magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heat system is adopted, and bath temperature is uniform.
    7. Three parameters including running time, overturn frequency and bath temperature can be preset arbitrarily; preset value and real-time value are displayed by time division. The system provides three kinds of shortcut modes for customer choice:

    P1:Run for 30min, the metal racks turn over once automatically every 10 minutes

    P2:Run for 60min, the metal racks turn over once automatically every 10 minutes

    P3:Run for 30min, the metal racks don’t turn over.

    8. Automatic temperature control, automatic time keeping, timing overturn indication forecast and fault alarm.

  • Number of sleeve racks 3 sets
    Size of transparent sleeve height: 60mm; inner diameter: 52mm
    stainless steel net rack 2 sheets, diameter of 50mm, with 39 holes of 4mm.
    Timing range 10~900 min
    Timing precision ±0.5 min
    Temperature control range 20~45℃
    Temperature control precision ±0.5℃
    Volume of beaker 5L (3 Pcs)
    Power supply 220V/50Hz, 1000W