Dissolution Tester RC-12D

Dissolution Tester RC-12D

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RC-12D Tablet dissolution tester, LCD display
12 vessels and 12 poles, with 6 vessels and 6 poles in front and other at back
The head move up/down automatically
The preset and real data can be displayed alternately in time, and time can be preset at many points
    1. The head moves up/down automatically.
    2. Available for installation of 12 basket rods or paddle rods.
    3. Available for installation of 12 new dissolution cups with the height of 185mm and shading dissolution cups as well.
    4. Friendly human-computer interface, with simple and convenient operation.
    5. All the working parameters can be preset and saved automatically, without the need to set repeatedly when the instrument is started next time.
    6. Accurate rotating speed, steady operation and low energy consumption.
    7. Thermostatic water bath adopts built-in integrated temperature sensor and new software and hardware temperature measurement and control mode, which is featured by fast temperature rise and high precision; temperature deviation can be corrected with software conveniently.
    8. Independent operation of startup, pause and reset for experimental timing.
    9. Automatic protection functions such as self-inspection fault alarm and over-temperature protection, etc.
    10. The paddle rod, basket rod and basket turning body are all made of stainless steel material meet the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia in quality and performance.
  • Speed range

    20~200 rpm

    Speed accuracy

    ±1 rpm

    Temperature range

    Rt.~45.0 °C

    Temperature Stability 

    ±0.3 °C

    Preset timing nine points

    1~999 min, 9 points

    Time accuracy 

    ±1 min

    Paddle radial run-out 

    ±0.3 mm

    Basket radial run-out

    ±0.8 mm


    220V/ 50Hz/ 1100W or 110V/ 60Hz/ 1100W


    820×530×570 mm

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