Tablet Hardness &  Friability Tester PJ-2D

Tablet Hardness & Friability Tester PJ-2D

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PJ-2D tablet 2-in-1 tester, LCD display

Multi-function to test tablet hardness and friability

Tablet for hardness test is pressed automatically

    1. Smart, automatic control, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.
    2. Two drums and automatic control of friability and high control precision for cylinder rotation speed and number of turns.
    3. Hardness testing is with high-precision pressure sensor, LCD display of hardness value.
    4. Continuous measurement of tablet hardness value, manual tablet feeding, and automatic compression.
    5. Automatic display, automatic latching, automatic reset and automatic cyclic test.
  • Drum 2
    Drum’s radius Dia. 286 mm
    Drum’s depth 39 mm
    Tablet falling height 156 mm
    Rotation count 100 r
    Rotation speed 20-90 rpm
    Speed regulator accuracy ±1 rpm
    Hardness range 2~199.9N (50Kg, 499.9N is optional)
    Probe procession range 3~40 mm
    Power of the heater 500W
    Power 220V/ 50Hz/  or 110V/ 60Hz/ 600W
    Dimension 360×450×350 mm
    Weight 20 Kg

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