Tap Density Tester TD-100 Series

Tap Density Tester TD-100 Series

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Powder density is corresponding whys in unit volume. Powder density is usually smaller than its real density due to gap among or inside particles. It is divided into apparent density and tap density by different test methods. Apparent density is obtained by evenly and continuously loading measuring cup in identified volume with bulk powder, weigh cup and powder to calculate apparent density. Tap density is measured only after tapping bulk powder under certain requirements.

    1. Precision: Automatically keep five significant figures, accurate to four decimal places.
    2. Auto Save: press "OK” the result is automatically saved including "Weight", "TAP NUM," "Volume", "No." The information is not lost after shutdown. "No." is automatically increased by 1.
    3. Intelligent judge: this equipment can be smart judge when entering the required information. Decimal point is automatically shielded when inputting tap number and during which period the vibration is halted. The results show the actual number of vibrations, the experiment is authentic.
    4. Easy operation: No need to adjust to an integer.
  • Sample weight ≤ 500 g
    Sample volume ≤ 250 ml
     Single vibration number ≤ 99999 (Error less than 1 of 10000.
    Motor torque 0.86 N.m
     Frequency Max. 300 rpm / min (continuous adjustable in 0-300 rpm)
    Amplitude maximum 15mm (1mm ~ 15 mm integer variable)
    Repeatability ≤ 1%
    Accuracy ≤ 1%
    Power Supply AC 200V ± 10% 50Hz, 40W
    Relative humidity ≤ 85%, no condensation
    Other requirements clean, smoke-free, dust-free, mechanical-vibration-free, electromagnetic- interference-free

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