Thermal Cycler for PCR TC1000-S TC1000-G

Thermal Cycler for PCR TC1000-S TC1000-G

Thermal cyclers are essential laboratory equipment for researchers who run polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for sequencing, cloning, genotyping, mutagenesis, and many other applications. TC1000-G has the precise temperature control system and thermal gradient to easily optimize PCR assays in a single run, makes it possible to quickly and accurately obtain large quantities of DNA needed in molecular biology, clinical diagnosis, criminal investigations and infectious disease research etc.

Model TC1000-S (without gradient)

Model TC1000-G (with gradient)

  1. Unique design of block and multiple Peltier modules ensure temperature uniformity and repeatable results.

  2. Gradient function of TC1000-G helps users to optimize the experiment condition.

  3. 256 programs can be stored.

  4. 7” Large color touch screen, excellent graphical interface, easy programming with  user friendly software.

  5. Large program storage memory.

  6. Innovative heating/cooling elements and drive circle design.

  7. High performance DSP and temperature control algorithm.

  8. Fast heating and cooling rates.