Touch-screen Digital Viscometer NDJ-ST

Touch-screen Digital Viscometer NDJ-ST

5 inch touch screen

Anti-static shell and metal lifter

ARM chip processor for higher data processing speed

RTD temp probe(optional)

Power supply: 100V-240V,

  • 1. 5 inch screen with rich information: easy to operate.

    2. Anti-static shell and PC lifter.

    3. RTD temp probe(optional).

    4. ARM chip processor: higher data processing speed.

    5. New designed durable axle.

    6. Powerful human-computer interactive interface.

    7. Auto switch between dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity.

    8. Variety of viscosity units.

    9. Detailed operation guide.

    10. Continuous viscosity value displayed.

    11. Sound alarm when beyond measurement range.

    12. Linear calibration by computers.

    13. Power supply: 100V-240V, good anti-interference.