Two-tier Incubator Shaker (Single Door)

Two-tier Incubator Shaker (Single Door)

Upright design with orbital shaking technology
Two-tier shaking plate for more efficiency
Large LCD displays pre-set and actual working parameters
50~300 rpm shaking speed range
25 mm orbital action

Touch-screen display is optional (2102C ONLY)

    1. PID microcomputer scanning controller multi-function incubator shaker.
    2. Ergonomic design with tempered glass window.
    3. Large LCD displays pre-set and actual working parameters.
    4. Intelligent defrosting can ensure the long time continuous operation in the low-temperature state.
    5. Sound and light alarm for temperatures above or below the upper or lower limit; alarm for speeds above or below the upper or lower limit; separate over-temperature protector; shutdown protection for door opening; leakage or overcurrent protector.
    6. Storage of rotary speed, startup after power again, recording of parameters, temperature and speed calibration, clock display and display of room temperature and actual temperature.
    7. Auto stop when door is opened.
    8. Auto recovery when power is re-stored.
    9. Maintenance-free brushless motor for long life operation.
    10. Soft start to prevent splashing of samples.
    11. Timer 0 -999h59mins or continuous.
    12. Illuminating lights or UV light are inside for use.
    13. High/ Low temperature alarm.
    14. Forced air convection.

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