Vortex Mixer XH-E

Vortex Mixer XH-E

SKU: LOR0001

Vortex mixer (hereinafter referred to as instrument) is a new type of mixer. It is an indispensable conventional instrument for biology, chemical laboratory, hospital laboratory, and Clinical Lab.

    1. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, low energy consumption, convenient operation and wide use, etc.
    2. Any liquid or powder that needs to be mixed can be quickly mixed in a high-speed vortex, and the mixing speed is fast, uniform and thorough.
    3. Suitable for mixing liquids in different test tubes, flasks and beakers. The instrument is equipped with a variety of interchangeable work plates, and has multiple functions such as continuous, inching, and speed adjustment.
  • Working mode

    Continuous, inching, and speed adjustment


    0-2800 rpm

    Working surface

    silicone bowl type, silicone flat type, 4-hole, 8-hole, 24-hole, 37-hole, 88-hole EVA working plate


    130×160×155 mm

    Power supply

    AC220V±10% (50/60HZ)

    Work rate


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