Water Bath Incubator Shaker

Water Bath Incubator Shaker

LCD display
Inner chamber 316L stainless steel

Temperature control range Rt+5°C~99.9°C
Programming of repetition, steps and eight curves settings
Timer 0-999h59mins

    1. Microcomputer scans the micro-processing chip.
    2. Double display of large LCD.
    3. Sound and light alarm for temperatures above or below the upper or lower limit.
    4. alarm for speeds above or below the upper or lower limit
    5. separate over-temperature protector; shutdown protection for door opening.
    6. leakage or overcurrent protector.
    7. Storage of rotary speed, startup after power again, recording of parameters, temperature and speed calibration, clock display and display of room temperature and actual temperature.
    8. Timer 0-999h59mins or continuous.
    9. 316L stainless steel material with better quality.

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