Wide Neck Lab Series LN2 tank

Wide Neck Lab Series LN2 tank

Wide neck laboratory series liquid nitrogen tank has advantages of large capacity and easy to place and pick samples. It is mainly used for long-term storage of biological samples and need frequent extraction of samples.

    1. Durable aluminum structure.
    2.  Equipped with racks and vial boxes.
    3.  Large capacity, low liquid nitrogen consumption.
    4.  Lockable lid is optional, to keep the safety of samples.
    5.  Level monitoring system is optional.
    6. Roller base is optional.
    7.  Five years vacuum warranty.

    Sample Search:
    For long-term storage design, easy to pick and place samples.
    Marked frozen racks and cryo boxes for quick and efficient access to the desired sample.
    Can be equipped with liquid level monitor, real-time monitoring level height, and issued a low level sound and light alarm.

    Level Monitor:
    Provide advanced level monitor to protect irreplaceable biological samples.
    When the liquid nitrogen level is low, will issue a sound and light alarm to remind.

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