Multifunctional Electric Hospital Bed

3 years warranty. The multifunctional electric bed provides complex postures for clinical needs such as back, bent legs, full lift, full forward tilt, full back tilt, etc., which is convenient for nursing staff to operate and can effectively reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff. Standard With 4.9 inch Anti Decubitus Mattress and IV Pole.
SKU: 401D-22
Availability: In Stock
Type: 5 Functions
Subtotal: $2,999.00

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Multifunctional Electric Hospital Bed

Multifunctional Electric Hospital Bed


Multifunctional Electric Hospital Bed

Type: 5 Functions

This Multifunctional Electric Hospital Bed is designed to support patient care with its electrical control system allowing for a wide range of postures, from full lift to full forward tilt and full back tilt. It offers convenience for nursing staff with its easy-to-use controls while reducing labor intensity.


  • Use high-quality materials: the bed frame and the bed board are made of high-quality steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed; the head and foot of the bed are made of ABS high-quality engineering plastics for one-time molding.
  • Casters: 125mm central control casters, flexible rotation, one-foot brake, four-wheel brake, safety, stability, high wear resistance, no noise.
  • Guardrails: Butterfly-shaped lifting guardrails are used on both sides to keep up and down synchronously with the bed board. The angle display accurately displays the angle of each part and can be easily lifted.
  • Electronic control system: using high-quality motors and control systems, the system runs stably and has high safety.
  • Standard With 4.9 inch Anti Decubitus Mattress and IV Pole.



Model MF401D-22 MF301DS-22
Instrument Size 2250*1115*500~800 (±10)mm 2165*1115*530~770mm
Back Angle 75°±5°
Bent Leg Angle 35°±5°
Backplate Adjustable Angle Range 0°~70°
Thigh Plate Adjustable Angle Range 0°~30°
Adjustable Angle of Calf Board 0°~10°
Backward Tilt Angle of The Whole Bed ≥12°(electric) ≥12°(manual)
Front Tilt Angle of The Whole Bed ≥12°(electric) /
Lifting Range 500~800mm 520~770mm
Guardrail Height (above the bed) 380mm(±10mm)
Overall Forward Angle ≥12° /
Overall Tilt Angle ≥12° /
Safe Load 175kg
Power supply 110~220V, 50/60Hz
Net Weight 145kg
Package Size 2200*1200*730mm
Gross Weight 215kg

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