Ductless Fume Hood

3 years warranty. Ductless Fume Hood FH C series, is a viable alternative to conventional fume hoods. This type of fume hood utilizes carbon or HEPA filtration to protect laboratory personnel from toxic chemical fumes, odors, and particles. Known for its plug-and-play feature and mobility, Ductless Fume Hood guarantees a hassle-free installation and no lab work interruption.LCD Touch screen control panel, with memory function in case of power-failure. Temperature and humidity sensors, can detect indoor temperature and humidity.
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Type: FH1000(C)
Power: 220V
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Ductless Fume Hood - Lorderan

Ductless Fume Hood


Ductless Fume Hood

Type: FH1000(C)
Power: 220V

1. LCD Touch screen control panel, easy to operate.

2. With memory function in case of power-failure

3. 8°slope frontergonomics design, fatigue-free working posture.

4. Temperature and humidity sensors, can detect indoor temperature and humidity.

5. Three side transparent Acrylic windows, front window reversal design, easy to operate.

6. Double-layer structure: 1mm sheet metal surface; Chemical resistant phenolic resin work table.

7. Electronic control system, anti-overload, anti-electric shock, stable performance, long service life.

8. Inside and outside probe, detect indoor air pollution and filter conditions. Audible and visual alarm for changing filter.

Model FH1000C FH1200C FH1500C FH1800C
External Size (W*D*H) 1000*830*2140 mm 1200*830*2140 mm 1500*940*2140 mm 1800*940*2140 mm
Internal Size (W*D*H) 910*690*740 mm 1110*690*740 mm 1410*690*740 mm 1710*690*740 mm
Work Surface Height 900 mm
Max.Opening 650 mm
Air Velocity 0.4~0.6m/s
Airflow Volume 136m3/h 136m3/h 325m3/h 415m3/h
Noise ≤58dB(A)
Fluorescent Lamp 14W*2 14W*2 14W*3 14W*3
UV Lamp Emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination
Blower Built-incentrifugal blower, speed adjustable
Front Window Acrylic window; Manual;reversal design;
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Consumption 400W 400W 500W 500W
Material Exterior: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Side Window: Acrylic Window
Work Table: Chemical resistant phenolic resin
Chemical Filter 2 pcs 2 pcs 4 pcs 4 pcs
Standard Accessories Fluorescent Lamp, Base cabinet Total load of 2 waterproof sockets: 500W
Optional Accessory Water tap, Gas tap, Water sink, UV Lamp,Electric height adjustable base stand, Chemical filter, HEPA filter, USB module
Gross Weight 290kg 310kg 380kg 410kg
Package Size(Main Body ) 1140*1040*1490 mm 1350*1050*1490 mm 1650*1110*1490 mm 1950*1110*1490 mm
Package Size(Base Cabinet) 1140*1040*1060 mm 1350*1050*1060 mm 1650*1110*1060 mm 1950*1110*1060 mm

What are the suitable applications for Ductless Fume Hoods?

Chemical Transfer, Dilution, Mixing, Buffer Preparation, Applications with minimal heating, Titration, pH testing

Can I store chemicals in the ductless fume hood?

Ductless fume hoods are designed for handling chemicals and not for storage.

Can we use a ductless fume hood to evaporate /filter the chemical waste?

No, a fume hood is containment device used to protect the user from inhaling toxic fumes and vapors. Forced evaporation of chemical waste is strictly prohibited because it can saturate the filter faster and may affect the containment.

Can I load additional apparatus inside a ductless fume hood?

Yes, different apparatus may be used as long as it will not block the perforations at the back wall. Also, make sure that the dimensions will have at least a 100 mm clearance to avoid airflow disruption.

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