Open air Orbital shaker

Single-axis balanced drive technology, Ultra quiet.Floor-type with orbital shaking technology.50~300rpm/50~250rpm shaking speed range.50/100 mm orbital action.Timing range 0-999h 59mins/continuous.Over-speed alarm.
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Model: 311D
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Open air Orbital shaker

Open air Orbital shaker


Open air Orbital shaker

Model: 311D

Lorderan open air shaker with orbital shaking technology

  • Intelligent sound and light alarm environment scanning microprocessor controller.
  • Original single-axis balanced drive technology, ultra-low and quiet.
  • LCD large-screen backlit liquid crystal display shows the set parameters and measured parameters.
  • The operating parameters are encrypted and locked to avoid human misoperation.
  • Running parameter memory function to avoid cumbersome operations.
  • Frequency conversion motor design, small vibration, low noise, high efficiency, wide speed regulation, maintenance-free, energy-saving, and long-lasting operation.
  • Over-speed sound and light alarm function.
  • With power failure recovery function, after the external power supply suddenly loses power and then comes back on, the device can automatically resume operation according to the original setting procedure.
  • The circuit for controlling acceleration ensures that the oscillator starts slowly, accelerates smoothly, and ensures the safety of experimental samples.
  • The key components are made of high-quality cast iron and ductile iron, which are durable and stable.
  • One-time molding finishing technology ensures the stability and reliability of mechanical operation.
  • The streamlined and luxurious machine shape with a very aesthetic design.

The capacity info:

Model 300D 311D 311TD 322D 322TD
Erlenmeyer flask clamp Maximum Capacity (Single Selection Configuration)
250ml/pcs 30 54 54 96 96
500ml/pcs 24 35 35 60 60
1000ml/pcs 16 24 24 40 40
5000ml/pcs 4 6 6 12 12



Model 311D 311TD 322D 322TD
Control Mode PID (Microcomputer scans the micro-processing chip)
Display Mode LCD display
Program Control Eight segments of user-programmed programs
Safety Function Automatic run, automatic stop, timing run, clock display, calls recovery, parameters memory
Additional Function Monitoring timer, independent excess speed sound/light alarm, independent electric leakage, leakage/surge protection device
Circulation Mode Natural convection type
Shaking Mode Orbital
Drive Mode Balancing device with single shaft
Environmental Requirements User-specific thermostatic indoor or environment
Speed Range 50~300rpm 50~250rpm 50~300rpm 50~250rpm
Rotary Accuracy ±1rpm ±1rpm ±1rpm ±1rpm
Orbit Dia. 50mm Dia. 100mm Dia. 50mm Dia. 100mm
Timing Range 0 - 999h59mins/continuous
Size of Shaking Plate 840×620mm 840×620mm 1108×740mm 1108×740mm
Net Weight 200kg 250kg 250kg 300kg
External Size 900×650×480 mm 900×650×480 mm 1210×775×480 mm 1210×775×480 mm
Power 170W 170W 290W 290W
Motor Power 120W Inverter motor 120W Inverter motor 250W Inverter motor 250W Inverter motor
Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50/60 Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Material High quality ductile iron, channel steel, angle steel, medium plate, cold rolled steel plate

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