Stackable CO2 Cell Culture Incubator Shaker

With pull-down, load-bearing door. Double glass door. Waterproof design for the incubator shaker. Sticky pallet, save shaker space. Ultra-high load capacity. CO2 concentration control range 0~20%. Humidity control range ambient ~95% RH. 50~300rpm shaking speed range.
SKU: JX2021R
Availability: In Stock
Model: JX 2021R
Power: 220V
Subtotal: $10,999.00

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Stackable CO2 Cell Culture Incubator Shaker

Stackable CO2 Cell Culture Incubator Shaker


Stackable CO2 Cell Culture Incubator Shaker

Model: JX 2021R
Power: 220V
Lorderan high performance Stackable CO2 Cell Culture Incubator Shaker, Intelligent culture, retro and simple, provides excellent solutions for cell culture users

Master JX Series is the most complete culture equipment for biological culture, suitable for all kinds of cell culture, including CHOHEK293 and other mammalian cells, hybridoma cells, SF9 insect cells, plant cells, etc., suitable for the mild conditions required for cell culture, especially for cells The best device of choice for shaking tissues in vitro.

  • Stackable as single deck, double deck or triple deck.
  • Humidity control: ambient ~ 95%RH.
  • Unique single-axis balanced drive patented technology, no noise, no deviation, less energy consumption, good coordination.
  • 7-inch true-color touch screen, multi-group data display, Chinese and English display optional.
  • Intelligent PID control, fast heating speed, high precision, multi-stage programming control.
  • Originally imported high-precision CO2 infrared sensor, the control accuracy is ± 1%, and the sensor is resistant to high temperature.
  • Advanced refrigeration technology, low energy consumption, higher control precision.
  • Servo motor, forward and reverse, large torque, low noise, more precise control;
  • Accurate CO concentration control, scalable humidity and light control.
  • With three-level authority level control and log query to improve security and traceability; with scheduled operation function, timing function and call memory function; with screen lock function to avoid human touch operation errors.
  • Operation log query to improve the safety and traceability of experiments.
  • With real-time curve viewing and historical data storage and export functions, it can store 15 million or more than 5 years of data.
  • Built-in printer and USB interface.
  • The working chamber is made of 304 stainless steel electroplating material, and the arc corners are easier to clean.
  • Streamlined and luxurious overall machine shape rich in aesthetic design concept, mold design and manufacturing process.
  • Optional: built-in blackout curtain, free stretching, completely dark.
  • Optional: For micro-well plates and deep-well plates, the amplitude is 3mm, and the rotation speed is 800-1000rpm, which can obtain the maximum oxygen transfer.
  • Optional: scalable lighting, humidity control, remote communication monitoring, mobile APP.


Drive Mode Track balanced-drive type
Circulation Mode Forced convection
Model JX 2021R (187L) JX 2022R (156L) JX 2023R (273L)
Speed Range 50~300rpm (When three layers are stacked, the maximum speed of the top layer is 250rpm)
Speed Accuracy ±1 rpm
Orbit / Stroke Dia. 25mm (50mm is optional) (Orbital / Reciprocating switchable is for JX 2022R ONLY)
Programming Function Programing of repetition, steps and eight curves settings
Safety Functions Speed ​​storage, automatic shutdown, temperature and speed correction, monitoring timer, clock display, call recovery, parameter memory, parameter encryption, one-key reset
Additional Functions Watchdog timer, independent excess speed sound/light alarm, independent electric leakage, leakage/surge protection device
Timing Range 0 – 999h59mins / continuous
Temperature Range 4°C-60°C (ambient temperature -15°C, minimum 4°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°C (Constant temperature)
Temperature Uniformity ±0.5°C at 37°C
Temperature Recovery Time ≤±10mins
Ambient Temperature Range 18-34°C
Humidity Control Ambient ~ 95%RH
CO2 Control Range  0.1-20%
CO2 Control Accuracy  0.001
CO2 Stability  ±0.1%
CO2 Accuracy  ±0.3%
CO2 Sensor  Infrared (IR) sensor high temperature resistance
HEPA Filter The incoming gas is sterilized by the 0.2um online filter
Sterilization Method  UV sterilization
Concentration Recovery Time  ≤5mins to open the door for 30S
Heating Power 800W
Cooling Power 200W
Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50/60 Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz(External transformer for 2022R)
Maximum Capacity 250ml×40 or 500ml×28 or 1000ml×15 or 2000ml×12 250ml×20 or 500m×16 or 1000m×9 or 2000ml×5 or 5000ml×4 250ml×60 or 500ml×40 or 1000ml×24 or 2000ml×15 or 5000ml×7
Size of shaking Plate 780×500mm 450×400mm 920×540mm
Inner Size 830×566×399mm 560×520×530mm 1030×590×450mm
External Size 1200×797×640mm 710×906×810mm 1410×830×640mm
Net Weight 325kg 220kg 440kg

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