Tablet Four-Usage Tester

Lorderan Tablet Four-Usage Tester, with LCD display. Multi-function to test the hardness, friability, disintegration time limit and dissolution rate. SUS 316L stainless steel is adopted for dissolution rotation baskets and paddle rods, etc. Tablet for hardness test is pressed automatically. IQ/OQ documents included free of charge. It is manufactured in compliance to the USP and EP
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Model: PJ-4D
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Tablet Four-Usage Tester

Tablet Four-Usage Tester


Tablet Four-Usage Tester

Model: PJ-4D
  • Smart, automatic control, automatic detection, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.
  • Magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heat system is adopted, bath temperature is uniform.
  • Automatic temperature control and high temperature control precision.
  • Automatic time control and automatic timing shutdown.
  • Parameters can be preset arbitrarily; preset value and real-time value can be displayed by time division.
  • The three dissolution cups and three rods are in a single row; the head part can be turned over manually, it’s steady and flexible.
  • Imported SUS316L stainless steel is adopted for dissolution rotation baskets and paddle rods, etc.
  • Two-path disintegration operates at the same time, automatic timing shutdown.
  • Automatic control of friability and high control precision for cylinder rotation speed and number of turns.
  • Hardness high-precision pressure sensor, digital display of hardness value.
  • Continuous measurement of tablet hardness value, manual tablet feeding, motor control and automatic compression.
  • Automatic display, automatic latching, automatic reset and automatic cyclic test.
Model PJ-4D PJ-6D
Testing Parameter Hardness, Friability, Disintegration, Dissolution Hardness, Friability, Disintegration, Dissolution
Temperature Range 20~40 °C, ±0.3 °C 20~40 °C, ±0.3 °C
Speed Range 20~200 rpm ±2 rpm 20~200 rpm ±2 rpm
Timing Range 1~900 min ±0.5 min 1~900 min ±0.5 min
Paddle Radial Run-Out ±0.5 mm ±0.5 mm
Basket Radial Run-Out ±1.0 mm ±1.0 mm
Centering ±2.0 mm ±2.0 mm
Dissolution 3 6
Nacelles 2 2
Nacelle Glass Tubes 6 6
Volume Of The Beaker 1000 ml 1000 ml
Nacelle Up And Down Frequency 30~32/min 30~32/min
Nacelle Up And Down Range 55±1 mm 55±2 mm
Drum 1 2
Drum’s Radius Dia. 286 mm Dia. 286 mm
Drum’s Depth 39 mm 39 mm
Tablet Falling Height 156 mm 156 mm
Rotation Count 100 r 100 r
Rotation Speed 25 rpm 25 rpm
Speed Regulator Accuracy ±1 rpm ±1 rpm
Hardness Range 2~199.9N (50Kg, 499.9N is optional) 2~199.9N (50Kg, 499.9N is optional)
Probe Procession Range 3~40 mm 3~40 mm
Power Supply 220V/ 50Hz, 110V/ 60Hz 220V/ 50Hz, 110V/ 60Hz
Power 500W 600W
Dimension 580×380×470 mm 580×520×470 mm
Weight 31 Kg 42 Kg

What is Dissolution?

Dissolution is a process in which dosage forms dissolve to form a solution and the amount of drug dissolved is determined by HPLC or other analytical methods.

Dissolution is a process in which a solute in the form of gas, liquid or solid form dissolves in a solvent to form a solution.


The process of checking the rate at which drug dissolves in a liquid medium is known as dissolution.

When we take any dosage form orally it should properly dissolve in gastrointestinal fluid to release its active pharmaceutical ingredient and after proper dissolution of API it will reach the systemic circulation and its bioavailability will be increased.

To check the in vitro dissolution profile different types of dissolution apparatus are used for different dosage forms.

For solid dosage forms type 1 or type 2 dissolution apparatus are used where a tablet or capsule dissolves in the liquid medium and sampling of solution is done at specific time intervals to check the dissolution rate of drug

Disintegration VS Dissolution



It is a Physical Test.

It is a Chemical Test.

This test is Used for solid dosage forms

This test is Used for solid dosage forms, gases and liquids.

In this test Solid dosage forms breaks down into small fragments

In this test Dosage forms dissolve to form solution


In-vitro & In-Vivo

Relationship between Disintegration and Dissolution

Disintegration and dissolution are interrelated with each other.

There is an inverse relation between disintegration and dissolution.

If the disintegration time of solid dosage form is high the dissolution rate of that product will be low.

For getting a good dissolution profile the product should disintegrate rapidly.

Suppose we take a tablet and in the stomach, it does not properly disintegrate then its dissolution profile will be low and its bioavailability will also be low.

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