Small Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet (Touch Screen)

3 years warranty. Standard with HEPA (H14) high efficiency filter. Equipped with initial effect filter, which can preliminarily filter large particulate matter. V900 standard with base stand. V600 without base stand.
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Model: V600
Power: 110V
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Small Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet (Touch Screen)

Small Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet (Touch Screen)


Small Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet (Touch Screen)

Model: V600
Power: 110V

 Lordean Laminar Flow Cabinet provides a highly controlled and sterile environment for a wide range of applications. Equipped with advanced air purification and HEPA filtration systems, it ensures the removal of airborne contaminants, particles, and microorganisms, guaranteeing a clean and safe workspace.

  1. The cabinet is designed with a vertical surface, the operation perspective is wide and more humanized.
  2. Made of high quality cold rolled steel plate material, welding structure, surface electrostatic spraying, enhancing the stability of the cabinet.
  3. Equipped with initial effect filter, which can preliminarily filter large particulate matter, thus improving the service life of the high efficiency filter.
  4. Work surface is made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, beautiful and corrosion resistance.
  5. The working area adopts four sides (left and right sides, rear, bottom) positive pressure surround design, effectively protect product safety.
  6. The front window adopts 5mm thick tempered glass to better protect the safety of personnel and experiments.
  7. The side windows are made of 5mm thick toughened glass to enhance the lighting permeability of the operation area.
  8. The hidden weight structure, manual front window, realizing freely adjusting the opening height of the front window.
  9. 7-inch color touch screen, real-time display of running status (air flow direction, air velocity, machine running time, UV lamp running time, high efficiency filter running time, high efficiency filter running resistance, operating area temperature and humidity, clock display) at a glance.
  10. With the function of appointment timing, it can automatically set the time of starting and shutting down the laminar flow cabinet and the disinfection time of ultraviolet lamp.
  11. With a key disinfection function, convenient and fast, greatly saving the work time and improving the work efficiency.
  12. Perfect alarm system:

(1) The front window is not set height alarm: the front window is set height of 200mm, when the front window is not in the height position and the bottom position, sound alarm will be issued.

(2) Ultra-high filter pressure alarm: when the filter resistance increases, sound alarm will be issued.

(3) Filter failure replacement alarm: when the filter service life expires, there will be a filter replacement sound alarm.

Advantage for V600:

Safety interlock protection.

  • Fan and front window interlock: when the front window door falls to the bottom, the fan will automatically close.
  • The ultraviolet lamp, the front window and the lamp interlock: the front window door falls to the bottom and the lamp is not opened, the ultraviolet lamp can be opened to avoid the misoperation of the ultraviolet lamp causing harm to the human body.


Model BKCB-V600 BKCB-V900
External Size(W*D*H) 600*460*700mm 900*630*1760mm
Internal Size(W*D*H) 505*345*375mm 800*610*550mm
Flow Mode Vertical Flow Vertical Flow
Number of Users Single Single
Rated Power 650VA (including operating area socket load 500VA) 150VA
Airflow Velocity 0.2 m/s~0.45 m/s 0.2 m/s~0.45 m/s
Noise ≤65dB(A) ≤65dB(A)
Lighting ≥300lx ≥300lx
Vibration ≤5μm(rms) ≤5μm(rms)
Safety Colonies Number ≤ 0.5CFU/30min Colonies Number ≤ 0.5CFU/30min
Clean Grade ISO Level 5(100 levels) ISO Level 5(100 levels)
Filtration Efficiency HEPA (H14) high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency for 0.3μm particle≥99.995% HEPA (H14) high efficiency filter, filtration efficiency for 0.3μm particle≥99.995%
Front Window Safety Height 200mm 200mm
Max Opening 240mm 350mm
Standard Accessory LED lamp*2, UV lamp*2, Waterproof socket*2 LED lamp*2, UV lamp*2, Base stand
Net Weight 50kg 175kg
Gross Weight 62kg 225kg
Package Size(W*D*H) 740*600*860mm 1050*840*1320mm

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