Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave (With Drying Process)

Power supply 220V/50Hz. Small footprint with large loads, To save your time, space and effort. Designed to be reliable with fully stainless steel, Easy to operate. With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets. Automatically controlled by computer, With perfect drying function. Steam water inner circulation system: no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.
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Volume: 35L
Power: 220V
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Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave (With Drying Process)

Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave (With Drying Process)


Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave (With Drying Process)

Volume: 35L
Power: 220V

The vertical pressure steam sterilizers are assembled with heating system, microcomputer controlled system, over heat and over pressure protection system, which are reliable for the sterilizing effects. convenient of operation and energy conservation. They are ideal equipment for the scientific research institutes and the hospital laboratory.

  • Fully stainless steel structure.
  • Hand wheel type of quick open door structure.
  • Door safety lock system.
  • Automatically controlled by computer.
  • LCD display of working status, touch type key.
  • Over temperature &over pressure auto protection.
  • Steam water inner circulation system: no steam discharge, and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry.
  • Self-inflating type seal.
  • Safe protection of water lacking.
  • With perfect drying function.
  • Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.
  • With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets.
Model LS-35HG LS-50HG LS-75HG LS-100HG
Chamber volume 35L / φ318×520mm 50L / φ340×670mm 75L / φ400×680mm 100L / φ440×690mm
Working pressure 0.22Mpa
Working temperature 134℃
Max. working pressure 0.23Mpa
Heat average ≤±1℃
Timer range 0-99min/0-99hour59min
Temperature adjust range 105-134℃
Power 2.5KW/AC220V 3KW/AC220V 4.5KW/AC220V 4.5KW/AC220V
External Size(mm) 680×410×1040 710×460×1150 780×600×1380 820×600×1380
Packing Size (mm) 710×480×1140 750×550×1280 780×600×1380 820×600×1380
G.W/ N.W 104/82Kg 122/98Kg 146/120Kg 148/124Kg

What is vertical sterilizer?

Vertical autoclave, also known as steam sterilizers and top loading sterilizers, is a sterilizing machine that comes in a cylindrical shape. ... This machine works on the principle of high-pressure steam for sterilizing flasks, medical tools, beakers, etc.

What is the difference between vertical and horizontal sterilizer?

A small amount of process water is filled in on an autoclave bottom. In the horizontal autoclave with two baskets 200 liters of water are filled in ~ (in two baskets vertical ~ 2500 liters of water). ... Respectively steam consumption in horizontal autoclaves is lower, than in vertical autoclaves.

What is the minimum temperature for sterilization?


Sterilization is achieved within a minimum of 15 min at 121°C (250 °F) or 3 min at 134°C (273°F). Other times and temperatures can achieve the same killing effect (e.g., 121°C for 20 min).

What cannot be sterilized in an sterilizer?

However, if it is placed inside an autoclavable biohazard bag with a steam setting as waste items, then they will melt slightly but not combust to fire or smoke. Biohazard bags inside autoclaves often come with latex or vinyl safety gloves along with paper and plastic culture plates.

What time is the general products to be sterilized?


Sterilizing time (min)

Pressure (MPa)

Temperature (℃)













Glass ware




Bottled fluid





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